Register for our Wildlife Tracking Workshop

Introduction to Wildlife Tracking
We share our hiking trails with a lot of different wildlife that leave behind signs of their passing journeys.IMG_0044CaldwellReducedSize Is that a bobcat track or a coyote track? Are you following mountain lion tracks or was someone hiking with their family dog?


Indoor session: Saturday evening, June 21, 2014

  • 4 pm arrival/set-up;
  • 5pm Happy Hour;
  • 6pm Dinner;
  • 7pm Talk Tracking hike:

Sunday morning, June 22, 2014

  • 8 am breakfast;
  • 9 am– 1 pm hike/lunch

Nutrioso, Arizona at Billie Hughes and Russ Winn’s home.
Directions to follow.

Camp-out space is available at Billie and Russ’s.

To RSVP/Questions: Contact Janice Przybyl:, 575.322.2065 & Billie Hughes:,928.339.4684

You will learn basic wildlife tracking skills, including:

  • How and where to look for tracksTrack300px
  • What clues in a track help you identify species
  • How to recognize the difference between canine and feline tracks
  • An introduction on how to properly photograph wildlife tracks
  • Natural history elements of each species so you can gain an appreciation of how wildlife move and live on the landscape.

Track identification cards focused on southwest critters will be available for purchase ($5 a set) as well as tracking rulers specifically designed for photo-documentation ($5).
Please bring:
~ A chair to sit on during morning presentation
~ A notebook and pencil/pen
~ A digital camera (if you have, not mandatory)
~ Your normal hiking gear including water and snacks
~ Be prepared for any type of weather
~ Overnight camping gear
~ Food and beverages for yourself for at least 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner