Smoke in White Mountains

Smoke in the White Mountains
Posted on May 18, 2014 by BParks
5/18/14 @ 2:03 pm
Residents in the White Mountains will be experiencing heavy smoke due to two fires on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.
The Skunk fire is at 18,144 acres, and was lighting caused. It started on April 19, 2014, and has been spreading for 27 days. Total acres are now 18,144 acres. The fire is traveling in a north westerly direction in ponderosa pine/juniper forest and easterly through a step canyon. The south end of the fire is secured and holding. Fire is mostly driven by steep terrain and wind. Road Closure from the junction of Road 1520, 1522, top rim Road Junction 1522 and 1523. Old Summit area down to road 1521 is closed due to the Skunk Fire. Structure protection is in place at the Ash Creek Ranch and Ash Creek ceremonial ground

The Barlow fire is on the San Carlos Apache reservation south of Barlow Tank estimated at 440 acres and headed in northwesterly direction. It started on Saturday May 17th, 2014.The fire is still under investigation. It is a northwest drainage in Ponderosa Pine and Doug Fir fuel type. Fire management is managing for full suppression. Resources at risk are the electric line along rd#1700, IDT Ranch and Seneca Ceremonial Grounds.